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Accounting Manager Package1

Accounting Manager

An accounting system is a set of accounting processes with integrated procedures and controls. The intent of an accounting system is to record business transactions, summarize those transactions into an aggregated form, and create reports that can be used by decision makers to monitor, analyze, and improve operations.

Xenosys accounting manager system includes coverage of the major functional areas of an organization, including the purchase of goods and services, sales of goods of services, payments to employees for wages earned, and financing activities, such as obtaining debt, selling shares, and paying interest to lenders. The specific components of an accounting system include accounts payable, billings and accounts receivable, fixed assets, inventory, and payroll. Depending on the volume of transactions being processed, there may be specialized accounting staff assigned to each of the preceding modules.

Product Features

  • Customer Management
  • Ventory Management
  • Employee Management
  • Bank and General Ledger
  • Fast and Accurate Reporting
  • Cloud Backup Enabled
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